5 Ways to Boost Inside Sales Training Reinforcement

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The best way to keep your inside sales training momentum going is to start reinforcing the training immediately.

Source: www.agsalesworks.com

Check out these five tips for boosting inside sales training reinforcement. 

Avoid These 12 Negotiation “No-Nos” Like the Plague

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Negotiating is a natural and common part of business. While the word, “negotiation” can bring a sweat under the collar to some, it is still quite simply a process used to reach an agreement or deal. Even though the concept is simple, the broad margin is still there for making all sorts of mistakes. If you’ve never had proper negotiation training and you’re feeling a bit uneasy about a looming negotiations deal in the future, you can use this list of the 12 most common negotiation mistakes to your advantage.

1. Believing You Have Total Control

Even if you’re fully confident in your offer in the negotiation, you still can’t afford to forget that you do not have control over the other party. The best you can do is get a feel of where the other party’s motives lie, what their … Read More »

5 Classic Sales Blunders and What I Learned From Them

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What important is not whether you make mistakes (we all do that) but what you learn from the experience.

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These are some common blunders that sales professionals have made during the course of their careers, and Geoffrey James takes a little time to impart some wisdom he gained when making them.

Have you ever made a blunder when trying to make a sale? What did you learn from the experience to make you a better sales person?

Trade shows: How to maximize ROI | SmartBlogs

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After spending umpteen hours and dollars on attractive booths and flashy giveaways, many IT vendors are abandoning trade shows or questioning their value.

Source: smartblogs.com

Ever found yourself wondering if trade shows are really worth it? Some vendors are abandoning them. The question is: have them given trade shows a fair shake?

This post from Carolyn Hollowell is a great reminder that you can’t just take the “Field of Dreams” approach. There are key pre-, during, and post-show efforts that can make your trade show a great success.

How do you approach your trade show lead management efforts?

7 Ways to Expand Your Local Marketing Strategy

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With the Internet, it’s easy to think in big terms when creating a marketing plan. But as a small business it literally pays off to focus your marketing efforts on your location. That’s because proximity and convenience matter to customers.

But just in case your local marketing plan isn’t quite what it should be, here are seven ways to create a local marketing strategy and grow your business in your neighborhood.

1. Build local business pages

For starters, you need an online presence that showcases your location. This can be done easily on a variety of social media sites, especially Google+, LinkedIn, and Yelp.

Google+ Local works particularly well for businesses because Google will set up your page for you by showcasing your address as well as your Zagat reviews. But you can make your +Local pages work even more to your advantage by … Read More »

Three Ways to Get Better at Listening |

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Are you a good listener? It’s one of the most important skills you can cultivate in sales (or any profession, for that matter). Mike Brooks points out in this post that the ability to be a good listener means more than just hearing for a break in the conversation so you can jump in. It means the ability to sit through an awkward silence. Let the prospect have time to think.

Mike covers three tools becoming a better listener:

MUTE button
the power of “Oh?”
prospect prompts

What are you doing as an inside sales professional to improve your listening skills?

How Top Performing Channel Sellers Improve Channel Partner Marketing

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Every day, thousands of companies sell their products and services through channel partners such as franchisees, independent agents, and value-added resellers. Not only are indirect channel sales a significant part of the overall economy, many companies rely on them for more than half of their total revenues.

Channel vendors face the same marketing challenges that confront all types of business enterprises, but they also face challenges that companies with centralized marketing operations don’t typically encounter. For many channel vendors, the single biggest marketing challenge is that many of their partners simply don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to run effective marketing programs.

To address this challenge, channel vendors have implemented a variety of ###marketing enablement programs. There are three types of marketing enablement programs in use today – financial incentive programs, self-service partner portals, and managed marketing services.

These three types of … Read More »

Organizing Your Social Media Contacts & Groups

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Organization is key when it comes to social media. Learn how to organize your social media contacts for better social media marketing & networking.

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Are you using social media in your sales and networking efforts? Check out this post to learn how to organize your contacts and segment list for more effective networking on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

5 Strategic Time Management Tips for Successful B2B Sales

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You only get 24 hours in a day, but it seems like we’re required to get more done in those 24 hours than ever before. But really, it’s less about doing more in a day, and more about using time as a sales strategy. Work smarter, not harder. Take a look at these five ways to effectively manage your time.

1. Time Your Success 

Assign time to everything that is crucial to your success. That includes phone calls, administrative duties, checking emails, etc. To-do lists are out in terms of strategic time management. As lists grow, they are no longer manageable. Use an appointment book app like Hours Time Tracking instead that allows you to block out time. This creates a visual picture of your time – what you should be doing, when you should be doing it and for how long. … Read More »

Incremental Improvements Make for Major Improvements in Sales

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As we race towards the end of the year (yes, it is nearly Christmas), it’s time for many to think of closing deals. Deals that may have been stuck in the pipeline for a while, deals that need reviving – there are always deals that have not progressed for one reason or another.

But perhaps now is the time to analyse why deals haven’t progressed, and look at those reasons. They may not always be obvious, but getting a grasp on sales data and looking for those areas for incremental improvement is what could make a significant difference over the next 12 months.

So where are they to be found?

Somewhere, in your data…

If you’re measuring sales stage, understanding which stage is proving to be the biggest bottleneck in the process is the very first step that most sales managers will take. And … Read More »