4 Big Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Inside Sales Teleprospecting

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What are the most crucial factors to look for in an outsourced inside sales teleprospecting team?

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Check out these four big questions you need to ask when outsourcing teleprospecting.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: Four Ways to Make Your Company More Reliable

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Perhaps the best way to put your business on the map is to establish a satisfied client-base. Not only does customer satisfaction guarantee repeat customers, it inspires word-of-mouth and review advertising that can bring in new customers. If your company has had complaints about dropped orders or missed calls, here are some ways to improve your reliability.

Get Organized

Organization is the foundation for an efficient, reliable business. Talk to your partners and employees about organization improvements they feel should be made. Evaluate your current procedures and systems for productivity and effectiveness. Focus on these areas:

Stockrooms and Inventory: If you don’t already have a system in place for handling incoming and outgoing orders and arranging stockrooms, develop one. Your stockrooms are direct links to your clients. Without well-organized stockrooms and adequate inventory, you won’t be able to be able to meet your … Read More »

Sales and Marketing Alignment Equals More Revenue

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How can sales and marketing align to increase their company’s revenue?

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Are you taking the right steps to align your sales & marketing teams?  As pointed out in this post from AG Salesworks, “organizations that establish strong alignment between their sales and marketing teams achieved 20 percent annual revenue growth compared to companies with poor alignment, which experienced a 4 percent decline in revenue.” (data source: Hubspot)

Don’t forget these important steps:

Set a common end goal
Define your ideal prospect
Make lead scoring a collaborative process

How to Nurture Ecommerce Sales with Content Marketing

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Content marketing can serve as a huge boost to ecommerce sales, primarily by attracting leads that are most relevant to a product or service. Businesses that create eye-grabbing content via blog posts, social media updates and engaging videos are ensuring a steady stream of leads, who are discovering the content somehow — such as by searching for it or stumbling across it on social media.

Once an effective content marketing strategy is bringing in a constant stream of leads, businesses still need to pay close attention to the overall process. Specifically, they should continue to use content marketing as a strategy to nurture sales; this is vital in retaining customers and high conversion rates.

Some content marketing strategies that help in nurturing ecommerce sales include:

1. Host Q&A Sessions

The web is a very interactive place. As such, readers enjoy when they can interact … Read More »

How to Write a Killer Sales Email

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Customers are more likely to respond to emails that are short and sweet and get right to the point.

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Ever get so into writing an email that maybe you’ve overdone it? Don’t feel bad. Many of us fall into that trap from time to time. Just remember to make it interesting, direct, and clear with its call to action. Using an sales email template can help you stay on point while allowing you the freedom to customize to the recipient.

What Milkshakes Can Teach Us About Marketing

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The first step to designing an effective ##marketing strategy and creating compelling marketing content is to understand what your potential buyers are trying to accomplish when they purchase products or services like those you provide. In most cases, people don’t buy a product or service because they want that product or service itself. More often, when people become aware of a job that they need to get done, they look for a product or service that they can “hire” to perform the job. Theodore Levitt, the legendary marketing professor at the Harvard Business School, captured this concept in a memorable way when he said, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”

Clayton Christensen and Michael Raynor also provided a memorable example of hiring a product to get a job done in The Innovator’s Solution. In … Read More »

Crafting Your B2B Telemarketing Campaign

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Often times, poorly planned B2B telemarketing initiatives lead to mixed results leaving some people to believe that telemarketing is dead. Not true!

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If you are a B2B sales & marketing professional, you are likely leveraging a variety of online methods for reaching your prospects, conducting market research, taking orders, etc. There are webinars, websites, social media, forums, etc., etc.,  

What about telemarketing? Are you taking advantage of the benefits a well-planned telemarketing campaign can bring? Check out these tips from Kevin Thornton and, of course, start your VanillaSoft free trial to get your telemarketing success started!

Have a Telemarketing Plan for a Successful Campaign

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Telemarketing affords a business the chance to communicate directly with the customers, which is extremely valuable.

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According to Kevin Thornton, EVP of sales and marketing at VanillaSoft, the reason people think telemarketing is dead is simply because of poorly planned initiatives.

Perceptions of telemarketing can change, and outbound calls can still be extremely effective as a sales strategy when managed properly.

Telemarketing, like any form of marketing, has to deal with the ever-shrinking attention span of consumers. How marketers reach the customers makes a difference. It all comes down to defining your objective, setting goals, creating a script, and so on.

Try This Simple Trick to Double Your Sales

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All it takes to write a compelling sales messages is this absurdly easy mental trick.

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Want an easy trick to help you increase your sales? Try Geoffrey James advice: imagine yourself as a happy customer explaining to a 12-year old exactly why you are happy. Sounds simple, right? 

Often times, we focus our inside sales call script on product features or provide only vague benefits with no hard data to back them up. Maybe it’s riddled with what James labels “biz-blab.”

Take time to think about that 12-year old then write a call script that could effectively explain to that kid why a customer would be happy with your product.  You might just surprise yourself with a great new sales message.

How To Make Product Knowledge Training Effective

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When a sales organization has an opportunity to get their salesforce together in one place, they desperately want to give them product knowledge. This is a very good idea, but it is often executed …

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Are you focusing too much on the product in your product training? The Sales Blog has a great take on product training that can and should translate into inside sales script creation as well. Don’t leave out the important issues of recognizing/defining customer problems and how your offering can address needs.