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Sigmund Freud, Malcolm Gladwell, Steve Jobs And The Sales Pitch

Posted on April 18th, by Contributor in Sales & Marketing. No Comments

Are your sales pitches and Cold Calls getting the Cold Shoulder?  This could be your solution! Anyone who has made an effort to pitch a new business on the telephone or face to face has had the horrible experience of sensing that the prospect has already…

Study: More Than Half of Sales Reps Don’t Use Social Media

Posted on April 17th, by From Around the Web in Sales & Marketing. No Comments

Despite the growing usage of social networks among B2B buyers, sales reps still lag in their social media adoption, a trend which could be detrimental to their sales. New research from KiteDesk reveals that fewer than half of frontline sales people…

Why the Direct Approach in Lead Generation Isn’t Always Best

Posted on April 15th, by David Dodd in Marketing, Sales & Marketing. 2 comments

The conventional wisdom among B2B marketing and sales professionals is that the fastest and surest route to a closed sale is to identify and create engagement with the economic buyer – the individual who can actually make the decision to purchase your product or service. This perspective usually leads marketers and salespeople to focus their lead generation efforts on C-level executives. As marketers, we create content and design lead generation programs for CxO’s. As salespeople, we try to get in front of high-level executives whenever we can.

As it turns out, however, taking a direct approach to the presumptive decision maker/economic buyer may not be the best lead generation strategy, at least if your company sells complex and/or expensive products or services. To start with, significant buying decisions are rarely made by a single individual. Buying by committee is now the … Read More »

[Video] Rapport Building Technique That Puts Prospects at Ease

Posted on April 14th, by From Around the Web in Sales & Marketing. No Comments
rapport building technique

I wish all my prospects were just like me. It would be so much easier to sell to them. But, that’s not the case. People are who they are and it’s our job to get them comfortable working with us.

One very effective rapport building technique is to mirror your prospect’s behavior. It quickly puts them at ease with you.

The toughest person I ever had to deal with was Don Diggerman. He was a wonderful man. Seriously. A real nice guy. But I dreaded talking to him.

Before calling I’d have to close my eyes, take a long breath and then slowly exhale. I did this multiple times, to calm myself down – because Don was the world’s slowest talker. When I’d catch him on the phone, I’d say something like, “Hi Don. This is Jill Konrath calling.”

And he’d say, “Ohhhh, Jillllll. Howwwww niiiiiice of yoouu to callllll. Weee’ve beeen trying to deeeciiiiide if Tuuuuuuuesdaaaaay or Thurrrrrsdaaaaay is beeeeeettttter for the demonnnstraation.”

It drove me crazy. But he never knew, because I’d respond, “Donnnn. Howwwww abouuuuut Thurrrrrsdaaaaay? It’s beeeetter for meeeeeee.”

Our entire conversation went at that speed – on purpose. If I’d talked to him normally, I would have scared him to death. My natural approach, which – as you know – is a bit fast and to the point, was totally out of sync with his slower, gentler demeanor.

Because I recognized this, I chose to build rapport with Don in a way that made him feel comfortable.

It was tough for me. But it wasn’t about me. I was treating Don in the way he wanted to be treated.

We need to think about this with all our prospects. It makes a difference – to them.

…read more

Five Solutions that Will Connect the On-The-Go Salesperson

Posted on April 14th, by Contributor in Technology. No Comments

Sales people often find themselves on the road trying to develop business relationships. When you travel for business, it can seem like your life is at a standstill; constant travel can make it difficult to stay in touch with work and family. Without proper planning, it’s easy to lose touch while on the road, and this can mean lost business opportunities and a lack of productivity.

If you have a laptop or a smartphone, there are a couple of simple things you can do to help yourself stay connected:

Search for Wi-Fi

Smartphones have access to the Internet, but the places you visit might not have reliable data coverage. It’s always best to have a backup plan for when your phone doesn’t have service. When you stay at a hotel, always make sure that they have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Forward Office Calls to Your Cell

Most … Read More »

Trade-Show Etiquette: 6 Items Every Business Needs For Success

Posted on April 11th, by Contributor in Sales & Marketing. No Comments

Trade shows can be an extremely beneficial tool to help grow your business. It gives customers a chance to meet you in person, offers a more relaxed setting in which you can interact with networking contacts and prospects, and can certainly help you increase sales and leads. However, knowing the etiquette behind trade shows and what items you’ll need to ensure success will go a long way in ensuring an enjoyable and profitable trade show experience.

Always Have Business Cards

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when attending a trade show is that they don’t bring business cards. This is usually a mistake made by people attending their first trade show, but it’s a costly mistake to make. Investing in some professional cards with your business logo and contact information allows people to contact you later and can result … Read More »

Designed to Sell: Packaging That Sells the Product for You

Posted on April 11th, by Contributor in Uncategorized. No Comments

The old saying might be “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that adage is completely inapplicable to companies that sell products. The truth is, packaging design can make or break your products’ sales. Simple and boring packaging designs might leave you product unnoticed on the shelves, but overly bold or too flashy designs can overwhelm consumers and drive them to avoid your product. Here are some tips on how to find a packaging design that will get your product noticed and virtually sell it for you.

Look At Your Competitors -

You should never steal from the competition, but it’s more than okay to look to your competitors for ideas on what to do and what not to do. Analyze the packaging designs of products in your industry that are selling well. Don’t copy their exact color or design, but … Read More »

Marketers Learn to Connect with Digital Omnivores

Posted on April 11th, by From Around the Web in Sales & Marketing. No Comments

What do you call consumers who own a laptop, smartphone and tablet? According to Deloitte State of the Media Democracy survey, the best label for these folks is digital omnivore. These tech trendy consumers, now at 37% of the U.S. population, are engaging…

How to Generate More Leads from Mobile Visitors

Posted on April 10th, by Contributor in Sales & Marketing. No Comments

With the state of the market today, it seems a bit silly having to assert that paying attention to mobile audiences is very important. Traditional desktop computers and laptops still have their uses, but for many consumers, they are largely a thing of the past. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can be used anywhere, whether that be on-the-go or at home on the couch. A lot of those devices are extremely powerful, regardless of how small they are. After all, that’s one of the biggest reasons why they are so popular.

159.8 million people in the U.S. alone owned smartphones by January of 2014. It’s safe to say that you probably have quite a few mobile users in your customer base, which is why you can no longer ignore mobile audiences.

The question is: How exactly can you turn those mobile … Read More »

Today’s Buyer: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Posted on April 10th, by From Around the Web in Sales & Marketing. 1 Comment

Today`s Buyer – who knew the simple act of trading money for products/services would be so complicated. Economic history is littered with countless ways of conducting proper transactions. We all love shopping (regardless of the product/service), but have you ever given thought to how you feel as a buyer when you go shopping? Psychologically, we’re the same as the people we sell to because we hate being sold.

Think about the last time you watched your favorite TV show. What did you do when the show paused for some commercials? I’m willing to bet that most of you changed the channel (unless it was the Super Bowl, of course). Why? Because we don’t want to be bombarded with the same messaging over and over again. From the advertiser’s perspective, it works because if a small percentage of us convert and become buyers, their ROI numbers start making sense. But even if 2% do convert, what about the 98% of us who have to suffer?

Mass advertising is really annoying. And so is mass cold calling.

This brings us to the good, bad and ugly of today’s buyer. Have a read to see if this sounds like your buyers today.

The Ugly

The best thing to happen for today’s buyer: the internet and social media. Now instead of being solely reliant on sales people for information, and being sold in the process, buyers can go online and have deep and meaningful conversations about anything without the pressure of being sold. They can get white papers, demos, read reviews, testimonials, you name it. They can basically size you up without you even knowing. Estimates vary but approximately 50% to 70% of the buying journey is now complete before a buyer even contacts …read more