RIP, robocalls and spammy texts

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Everybody gets them and everybody hates them. Now, the Federal Communications Commission is trying to do something about them.

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Well, it’s about time the FCC cracks down on robocallers.  There’s nothing more annoying than answering the phone and there’s not an actual person on the other end.  No one wants to buy from a recorded message.

So, if your company uses robocallers, then you better look into a lead management system that doesn’t allow robocallers.  Luckily, VanillaSoft offers a great lead management system that only makes calls if an actual person is available.  So, if you’re looking to update your call center software, then check out VanillaSoft’s free trial!

3 Strikes Not Out – Sales eXecution 297

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Sales is not a race, it is how you run it, not how many races or how fast. Plan, execute and follow through?

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Tibor Shanto talks about how salespeople shouldn’t give up after three attempts to connect with prospects.  This is true because we’ve all heard that it can take anywhere from 7 to 13 touches before a prospect is ready to buy.  So, why give up after three strikes?

Part of the issue is that it takes time to nurture a prospect and engage with them.  So, how do you get around that obstacle?  The best way is to use lead management software.  Lead management software, like VanillaSoft, will help your sales team to engage with current prospects while still reaching out to new ones.  Below are some of the features offered by VanillaSoft that can help improve your sales … Read More »

Why Marketing-Sales “Alignment” Is No Longer Enough

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Marketing and sales alignment has been a hot topic for most of the past decade. Over the past ten years, many B2B companies have made marketing-sales alignment an important business priority, and some companies have made progress in improving the relationship between their marketing and sales teams. In a survey of marketing and sales professionals published earlier this year by Callidus Software, 72% of respondents said their marketing and sales teams are fully or somewhat aligned.

Despite the progress, however, the methods typically used to coordinate marketing and sales activities are not adequate to optimize demand generation performance in most B2B companies. The conventional approach to marketing-sales alignment usually involves some version of three steps:

Marketing and sales jointly describe the stages of the buying process and identify the characteristics of a “sales-ready lead.”
The company implements some form of lead scoring system … Read More »

Value Proposition Examples – Words That Get Meetings

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One of the biggest reasons businesses struggle in today’s market is because they have weak value propositions.

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Jill Konrath has some great ideas on selling.  In this article, she focuses on the importance of having a strong value proposition.  Sometimes we get sidetracked and our value proposition gets lost.

Does your value proposition make prospective buyers interested and want to know more?  If not, maybe you need to refocus and take a step back to evaluate your value proposition.  Jill gives an example of a really good value proposition that leaves the prospective buyer seeing that they need the product/service.

So, if you’re sales aren’t what they should be, then maybe you need to take another look at your value proposition.

Five New Ways of Handling the “Just Email Me Something” |

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Mike Brooks has a lot of great information about inside sales…guess that’s why he’s called “Mr. InsideSales”!  In this article he discusses how to respond to prospects that tell you to “Just Email Me Something.”


He provides some responses on how to effectively handle this response from prospects.  His suggestions make sense and it will help your salespeople from wasting their time and the prospects.  Using a lead management tool, like VanillaSoft, that has logical branch scripting will help your sales team stay on track and respond to this type of prospect properly.


Check out all of the other features VanillaSoft has to offer to help your lead management process.

6 Psychology Tips to Enhance Your Sales Calls

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Discover how to use brain quirks to your selling advantage.

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Max Altschuler discusses 6 psychology tips to enhance your sales calls in this article.  When reading the article it seemed like most of the tips were common sense, but when you really think about it we don’t use these tips in our everyday sales process.

It’s easy to get caught up in a routine and forget about the key aspects that will help you to close deals.  I think it’s important to take a step back and be reminded of these easy to implement tips to help improve our sales calls.

Lead management software can help you to remember to implement some of the tips mentioned.  Below are some of the features that VanillaSoft’s lead management software offers that can help you implement these tips to improve your sales.

Logical Branch Scripting
Dial Progressive … Read More »

Better Qualify Sales Prospects

Think of the steps in your sales process and once you get to the “QUALIFIED” stage. These opportunities have to get past the “Qualified Wall” – a real place

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In this article, Lori Richardson, talks about the importance of not wasting time on prospects that aren’t qualified.  Your sales process needs to have steps in place to weed out the leads that aren’t ready to buy.  The best way to implement a process like this is with lead management software.

Lead management software will automate your sales process so that your sales team can focus on making calls to qualified prospects.  VanillaSoft’s lead management software provides a lead scoring process that will keep your pipeline filled with the best qualified prospects that your sales team should be focused to close deals rather than spending time on leads that may not be … Read More »

How Millennial B2B Buyers Make Purchase Decisions

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For the past several years, the practice of B2B marketing has been changing in fundamental and profound ways. Digital technologies have transformed how business buyers access information and interact with peers, colleagues, and vendors. Easy access to abundant information has raised buyers’ expectations and shifted power and control from sellers to buyers.

B2B marketing has already changed in significant ways, but it’s likely that more changes are in store as marketers face the need to create meaningful engagement with new generations of business buyers. Today, older Baby Boomers are beginning to approach retirement, members of Generation X are in the prime of their careers, and Millennials are increasingly assuming positions of greater influence in B2B companies. Baby Boomer and Gen X buyers are digital immigrants who largely began using digital technologies in their everyday lives as adults. Millennial buyers, on the … Read More »

Increase Your Sales Team’s Success – Lead With A Story

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This month ‘s blog post is provided by our guest blogger Chris Kogler at Narrative IQ.
Stories are one of the most powerful forms of human communication we have. In a sales environment, they paint a vivid and compelling picture of your company’s products and services. Here’s an example.

Source: exceedsales.com

In this article, Chris Kogler describes the importance of storytelling.  If you’re in sales, then it’s important for you to know the right story to sell your product.  I’m not saying make up a story…but know your product and clients well enough that you know the right stories to tell to the right prospect.

Being able to share a compelling story with a prospect about how your product has helped others is more powerful than just rattling off the features and benefits.  There are tools out there, like VanillaSoft, to help your salespeople … Read More »

“Fix The Sales Problem!” | Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference

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The executive team of a large division of a very large corporation called me to “fix the sales problem.” We were to have a meeting to discuss the issues they

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This article by David Brock, takes a deeper look into what a lot of organizations see as a sales problem.  I think a lot of times it’s easy to blame sales for lack of revenue growth; however, there’s more to it than that.  An organization needs to take a more in depth look into the sales process as a whole.


Make sure your marketing and sales teams are working closely together to make sure sales it contacting the right customer markets and is delivering the message properly.  See Kevin Thornton’s, EVP of Sales & Marketing at VanillaSoft, article about “The Right Approach for Sales and Marketing Collaboration” to get a better … Read More »