How to Align Your Company’s Sales and Marketing Efforts in Eight Steps

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Sales – By nurturing appreciation for and creating expectations of each function’s role, an organization can evolve into an aligned sales and marketing model.

Source: www.marketingprofs.com

One area that B2B sales & marketing departments have to monitor is sales & marketing alignment. When the sales team is at odds with the marketing group, the you have a problem.

Both sides need to understand each other’s goals, share definitions of qualified leads and sales-ready leads, and each needs their own software to help them move the lead generation and sales process forward. Your marketing team will benefit from marketing automation tools, and your sales team will thrive with a queue-based lead management solution.

Why My LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Good Enough

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My LinkedIn profile isn’t working for me anymore. It’s time for action! Read more to find out the 5 steps I’m going to take to improve it.

Source: www.jillkonrath.com

Even sales experts sometimes have a little work to do on their LinkedIn profiles! Jill Konrath shares with us some of her needed changes on her LinkedIn profile and provides tips for upgrading your own.

If you want to leverage LinkedIn for building your networking and creating relationships that can lead to sales, check out Jill’s post!

The Business Case for Interactive Content Marketing

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It’s now clear that content marketing has become a core marketing strategy for most B2B companies, and the use of content marketing is continuing to grow. Findings from the latest annual content marketing survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs reveal both the pervasiveness and expansion of content marketing.

86% of survey respondents said their companies are using content marketing.
70% of respondents said they are producing more content than they did one year ago.
55% of respondents said they plan to increase or significantly increase their content marketing spending.

When it’s done correctly, content marketing is the most effective way to create meaningful engagement with today’s empowered and independent buyers. However, I suggest that we are beginning to see signs of content fatigue. The irony is that the growing popularity of content marketing is contributing to content fatigue and creating a new … Read More »

The Best Sales Pitches Don’t Try To Sell

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The sales pitches that result in the most sales in the least amount of time are the ones that don’t try to sell anything to anyone.

Source: www.inc.com

When assessing your prospecting emails and scripts, take a minute to figure out whether or not your pitch is trying to “sell something.” If it is, the likelihood of progressing is low according to Geoffrey James.

James states that the most effective pitches aren’t about “talking someone into buying or doing something.” Rather they are about creating connections and starting conversations that move people along the road to potentially buying what you offer. The aim of your pitch should be to open a dialogue — not immediately push someone to buy something.

What do you think? What are the most effective ways to pitch?

The 8 Essential Skills You Need To Become A Perfect Listener

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We speak many times about key skills required to become an expert salesperson, and we always keep coming back to being able to listen effectively.

Source: www.mtdsalestraining.com

Although listening is a critical skill for sales professionals, it’s funny how often sales people aren’t always using and honing that skill to it’s fullest. When you are in sales — especially inside sales or telemarketing — listening is even more important. You don’t have the luxury of reading body language or facial expressions. 

So, how do you become a better listener?

Use what Mike Brooks calls the magic button on your phone: the mute button
Create and use a sales software solution with call scripting. Use the script  to help you guide the conversation to questions that help qualify the lead — and listen to the answers.
Don’t try to “think ahead” about what you are going to … Read More »

The True Definition of Selling

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Many people define selling as manipulating people into buying. In reality, selling is something altogether different.

Source: www.inc.com

What’s your definition of selling? Geoffrey James lays it out for us in a wonderful way that sums it all with this definition: “Selling is the process of making dreams come true.”

Sound corny to you? On it’s face, maybe. However, take a little time to read his article. You may come to see things his way. After all, selling shouldn’t be about manipulating people or pulling a fast one. It should be about providing value that helps people achieve their goals.

Are your sales efforts helping people achieve their goals (or dreams)? Take time to ensure your sales training, sales scripts, and lead management process support that aim.

Why Your Content Marketing Should Alienate (Some) Prospects

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Recently, I attended a webinar presented by Doug Kessler titled Insane Honesty in Content Marketing. If you’re not familiar with Doug Kessler, he’s one of the co-founders of Velocity Partners, a content marketing agency based in the UK. Velocity consistently publishes great resources regarding content marketing, and this webinar is a must-see for B2B marketers.

According to Kessler, insane honesty in content marketing consists of:

Actively seeking out your weaknesses and sharing them openly; and
Strategically putting your worst foot forward.

Obviously, this approach runs counter to a whole laundry list of widely-accepted marketing principles and practices, and the idea is probably difficult for many marketers to swallow. In the webinar, Kessler shared several examples of insane honesty at work, which is another good reason you should view the presentation.

Six Reasons to Practice Insane Honesty

Kessler identified six reasons to practice insane honesty in your … Read More »

Ways To Improve Your Sales Management Team

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While there are many things business owners can do to improve their conversion rates, improving the quality of their sales management team is one of the most efficacious strategies to implement. Unfortunately, however, many business owners do not know where to start with this enterprise. If you’re a company leader who is in search of proven strategies that can help you improve the performance of your sales team, the following tips and tricks will work for you:

Stop Micromanaging

As many psychology experts know, micromanaging is one of the worst business practices that a leader can engage in. When business owners do not give their sales management team the freedom to think and act creatively, the end result is oftentimes a limited sense of initiative and ownership. For this reason, it is important that business owners refrain from treating their sales management … Read More »

7 Lies Salesmen Tell Themselves

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Everyone lies. Sometimes it is to make yourself seem better than you really are, sometimes it is to avoid getting into trouble, and sometimes it may be to excuse yourself for not stepping up. For salesmen, the reasons for telling lies may be all three.

Some of the lies that sales professional tell themselves are as follows:

1. “It’s okay if I over-charge this customer, because he/she has the extra money so I don’t have to feel too bad about it. The buyer will never know that I am cheating him or her.”

In current times, it is so easy for the consumer to research and discover a fair price for anything, especially a new or used car. If a sales person tells himself that the buyer does not know the real cost, he is probably lying to himself – the buyer probably … Read More »

I Hate LinkedIn Profiles Like This … (via @jillkonrath)

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Your LinkedIn profile is NOT a brochure. And it is NOT a resume. Not anymore.

Source: www.jillkonrath.com

Are you using your LinkedIn profile effectively? Treat your LinkedIn account as your professional presence. It’s the place where prospects learn about you and the value you can bring to their organization.

Check out Jill Konrath’s post and also read her post on 3 Ways to Create a LinkedIn Profile that Boosts Sales Credibility.