Fair Play: Marketing Ethics and How to Keep Your Company Clear

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When it comes to marketing ethics, the American Marketing Association focuses on six integral values its members should be stringent about following. They are: Honesty, Responsibility, Fairness, Respect, Transparency and Citizenship.
In truth, the six values above could be boiled down to a mere three, with combinations of Honesty and Transparency, Fairness and Respect, and Responsibility and Citizenship meshing together. The end result would then focus on these specific aspects. Make sure your company is able to stand up to these values and stay clear of any scandal.

This value can run the gamut from what a company says about its product, to how they answer a query that could likely put them on the defensive. Their choice of who makes the claim in an ad must also be taken into consideration. Otherwise, that individual is seen only as a mouthpiece getting … Read More »

Do Inbound Leads Cost Less? Maybe.

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Advocates of inbound marketing frequently assert that leads acquired through inbound tactics cost less than leads obtained through outbound marketing techniques. The research usually cited to support this claim is the annual inbound marketing survey conducted by Hubspot. In the State of Inbound 2014 study, Hubspot found that in B2B companies having 51 to 200 employees, the average cost of an inbound lead was $70, while the average cost of an outbound lead was $220. Hubspot went on to say, “We did find that leads sourced through inbound practices are consistently less expensive than outbound leads, regardless of company size.”

Hubspot has been conducting annual surveys for five years, and all have consistently shown that inbound leads are less expensive (on a cost-per-lead basis) than outbound leads.

Measuring the relative costs of acquiring leads through inbound and outbound marketing techniques can be useful … Read More »

Email: The Brain-Draining Distraction that Decrease Sales Productivity

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Most sellers are totally oblivious to this #1 sales productivity killer.

Source: www.jillkonrath.com

I bet your smartphone — and possibly your desktop email client — has a little bell that rings each time a new email hits your inbox. I also bet you have been trained to respond to that bell by checking your email. The reward is you feel productive — or you avoid punishment by quickly reacting to the stimulus and associated content. How Pavlovian, eh?

Break the addiction to the ringing email alert. As Jill Konrath points out, it’s killing your productivity. You may feel like you are being productive when you scroll through those emails; however it’s just keeping you from focusing on tasks that can actually help you close more sales.

If you manage an inside sales team or a group whose primary mode of outreach is by phone, … Read More »

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource your Customer Service to Call Centers

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Outsourcing of key business operations to call centers is a big decision on the part of any organization. Perhaps this can have immense impact to your overall business model. Here, I would say nothing can be ventured, nothing is gained.

Some businessesare bit reluctant to outsource customer service because they think it is a risky and can ruin their market image. Risk indeed comes with outsourcing process, but cut-throat competition, rapidly evolving technology and varying industry trends have pushed businesses to place their trust on call center in India. The landscape has certainly transformed over a period of time and will persist to change in future as well.

Through this post, I would like to highlight top 5 reasons to outsource customer service and what role call centers are playing in it.

Reduction in operational and labor capital expenditure

Keeping in mind today’s economic … Read More »

Marketing Tips for the Holidays

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Preparing for the holiday season is something that is on the mind of any store owner or manager all year long; It is a time when customers turn out in droves, and if a business is successful in properly marketing itself, revenue will increase dramatically. However, there is also an added layer of stress in preparing for the extra employees, product and potentially bad weather that may delay or prevent shoppers or even shipment delivery.

Many times a manager or business owner can become so involved in thinking through potential problems that he or she forgets one of the most important aspects of success in business–marketing to your customer base. There are many ways to simplify this process and make sure that you have a very lucrative holiday season:

1. Start Early

Research! I can stress this enough, before … Read More »

Why a Little Uncertainty Makes Marketing Content More Persuasive

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Developing content that will create meaningful engagement with potential buyers is a perennial challenge for most marketers. In all five of the annual content marketing surveys by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, respondents said that producing engaging content was one of their top three challenges.

Thanks to numerous research studies, we now know that most B2B buyers are turned off by content that is overly promotional. For example, in a recent survey by The Economist Group, business executives were asked to identify the main reason that a content resource does not make a positive impression. Seventy-one percent of the respondents said content that “seemed more like a sales pitch.”

Creating content that does not “seem like a sales pitch” is unfamiliar territory for many marketers because the use of promotional content is deeply ingrained in the culture of marketing. For decades, marketers … Read More »

It’s Only Good if It’s Useful: Creating Content Your Sales Team Actually Needs

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By Justin Gray

By now, I think just about everyone is on board with the value content offers to both the sales and marketing process. The Content Marketing Institute has certainly found that to be true, reporting that 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing to achieve their marketing goals.

And not only are companies actively using content marketing to generate leads and sales, they’re creating more content than ever—70% of B2B companies say they are producing more content this year than last year (Content Marketing Institute, B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends). Ah, but as we all know, more isn’t always better. Looking at those statistics, then, the big question becomes: Is all that content actually valuable?  And if it isn’t, what is it truly costing us?

Data doesn’t give you the full picture.

You’ll never … Read More »

Just Launched Your Company? How Your Startup Can “Wow” Potential Customers at Your First Tradeshow

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If you have just launched a startup, you are eagerly be looking for ways to get the word out about your new company. You may be excited about what your company brings to the table, and you understandably want to generate interest for your company among your target audience. Among many networking techniques, attending a tradeshow is an effective way to get the word out to a large number of people with relatively minimal cost. However, if you decide to participate in a tradeshow you want to maximize the impact you have on your target audience. If you feel your new company has plenty to offer and want to start networking, read on for a few tips to help you wow potential customers at your first tradeshow.

Create an Eye-Catching Booth

Before you can begin educating your customers about how amazing your … Read More »

Do You Have a Great Value Proposition?

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Do you have a great value proposition? It should be short, simple, and easily convey the value that your product or service provides. Check out this infographic, compliments of Quick Sprout, to learn how to develop an effective value proposition.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

What Makes a Lead Really Sales Ready?

One of the most important requirements for an effective B2B demand generation system is a clear understanding of who constitutes a sales-ready lead. Describing what makes a lead sales-ready is the essential starting point for defining the roles and responsibilities of marketing and sales. In an optimized demand generation system, marketing is primarily responsible for acquiring new leads and for nurturing leads until they are sales ready. Once a lead is sales ready, sales assumes the primary responsible for managing that relationship.

The term sales-ready lead is used frequently by marketing thought leaders and practitioners, but it’s difficult to find a useful or widely-accepted definition of the concept. Some marketing pundits avoid the need to define sales-ready lead by saying that the term means whatever marketing and sales agree that it means.

In practice, companies vary greatly in terms of when they … Read More »