The Devil Is In The Details

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CheI  suppose it’s human nature not to look at details.  If I look at the pace of business and life, the workloads each of us have, it’s easy to gloss over things. We look at reports, only looking at …

Source: partnersinexcellenceblog.com

It’s so tempting to cut to the chase in most things we do. After all, we are inundated with data, over scheduled, over and over again. However, there is something to be said about minding the details . . . and Dave Brook says it quite well with regard to sales in his post, “The Devil Is In The Details.”

As you are preparing for your week, your next client meeting, or next cold call, remember to take time to look into the details that can mean the difference between great and mediocre performance. 

It Takes a Village: Why You Need a Marketing Automation Team (Not Just a Person)

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By Justin Gray

Marketing automation as a concept and a model is starting to spread like wildfire, with organizations finally realizing the value and ROI potential. Now that they know they need marketing automation, organizations are also realizing they need someone to manage the system.

Unfortunately, they’re running into a few challenges. Chief among them: the relative newness of the model means there are few skilled persons to go around. And many of the people who’ve learned the nuts and bolts of marketing automation systems lack any real background in marketing strategy or content development.

This has created a destructive dynamic with serious ramifications: often marketing executives inexperienced in the technical side of things look for a “marketing automation expert” – and so they hire a single experienced administrator and build their entire MA processes and model around that person’s habits and … Read More »

Reasons You Should Train Your Receptionist In Marketing

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When a business owner or manager stops to think about it, the idea of training a receptionist in at least the basics of marketing makes so much sense most will quietly criticize themselves for not thinking of it sooner.


A receptionist has one advantage that other people working in the office do not. A receptionist speaks with everyone. They listen to people. They spend time with clients, customers and vendors. Most other people in a business rarely have those opportunities. Receptionists have a staggering marketing advantage.

What is Marketing?

At its most basic, marketing is knowing what a customer needs. The great leaders in the field of marketing intrinsically understand sales is not about what a customer wants. Sales is about what a customer needs. People respond to purchasing decisions the same way they respond to most other decisions. Emotion drives virtually everything … Read More »

Stop Looking for “Silver-Bullet” Solutions in Marketing

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In the sixteenth century, Spanish conquistadors in South America heard stories about a king who made an offering of gold and precious gems to his god as part of a religious ceremony. The Spaniards called the king El Dorado, and over time El Dorado came to mean the city of this king. According to the legend, El Dorado contained gold and precious stones in fabulous abundance. The legend was so powerful that for over two centuries, European explorers mounted numerous expeditions to search for El Dorado.

So far as we know, the “city of gold” was never found.

It’s only human to long for simple and easy solutions to complex or difficult problems. At least once in our lives, most of us have yearned for a magic diet pill that would enable us to lose twenty pounds in four weeks without eating … Read More »

Costly Selling Mistakes

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These common selling mistakes can cost you marketing dollars and a lot of revenue from potential sales.

Source: www.ducttapemarketing.com

If you are over eager or desperate when selling, you can make some mistakes that cost you marketing dollars. Check out these “no-nos” from the Duct Tape Marketing Blog:

Not tightly targeting prospects
Not being selective about the prospects with whom you meet
Not establishing credibility/expertise
Not asking tough questions
Rushing to make presentations

Do you find yourself or your team making any of these mistakes? Now is the time to take a step back and tighten up your sales and lead management process. Try using a queue-based lead management solution that will help automate workflows and ensure qualified leads are followed up on first!

7 Signals all Prospects Need to Receive from Salespeople – Sales Lead Management Today

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If you deliver these Seven Signals to your Prospects, they will love you for it.

And you’ll be astonished at the results you will begin to generate!

Source: blog.salesleadmgmtassn.com

Sometimes sales people don’t realize they aren’t giving off the right signals to prospects — signals that can make or break your cold call. When you do your homework before the call and use a solid inside sales platform (call scripts, easy access to sales documents), you should be able to hit on all seven signals:

I won’t waste your time
I know who you are
I am interested in you
I know my subject
I’m well organized
I am sincere
I am finished

Check out Pat McClure’s full post on the SLMA blog.

2 Essential Rules Most Salespeople Forget

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Contrary to popular belief, providing more information to a customer tends to slow down the buying process.

Source: www.inc.com

Does your process help customers easily make a decision to do business with you, or are you burying them in too much information? According to Geoffrey James’ post, too much information can be a bad thing.

When you don’t follow a process or call script — or if your process is simply to overwhelm the prospect with information — you are going to inadvertently cause the prospect to:

Think of issues he hadn’t previously considered related to this purchase
Get annoyed because you are providing information he doesn’t care about
Ignore you because you haven’t simply provided the information required or requested.

Avoid information overload when selling customers. Using a great call script, delivering targeted lead nurturing emails, and listening to what the person is asking for will … Read More »

Which Marketing Techniques Will Work Best for your Company?

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When you are deploying a new marketing initiative, focusing on the techniques that will have the greatest reach is essential. Marketing is not one-size-fits-all, and you must consider your industry, your customer base, your budget and your long-term goals as you are selecting tactics. If you are in the process of designing a new marketing campaign for your company, here are some tips on how to choose the best techniques that will generate the largest response rate and return on investment.

Choosing the Technique That Will Reach Your Target Market

Ever company needs to identify a target market before they even start mapping out the best techniques to try. You cannot expect to market to every single person around the globe as you design your campaign. Once you identify a target market, you can move on to choosing techniques. Ask the important … Read More »

3 Rules of Thumb for Selling to Buyers from Hell | Smart Selling Tools

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Complex sales can be hellish. They usually involve wider and deeper business challenges that require longer sales-cycles and result in larger average deal

Source: smartsellingtools.com

It’s tough to be a sales person — especially when dealing a “difficult” buyer. However there are ways to breakdown those barriers according to this recent post from Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools.

Nancy suggests:

Research  the prospect’s needs or an issue that the prospect’s industry is dealing with.
Understand the buyer’s role
Have a referral or other intro to connect with the buyer
Be low key
Provide a clear and concise value story

Keep these tips in mind when preparing for your inside sales calls.

Diagnosing the Performance of Your Demand Generation Funnel

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If you’re a B2B marketer, describing the major attributes of your lead-to-revenue funnel and measuring the dynamics of your funnel are critical to understanding how well your demand generation system is performing. #funnel metrics will help provide the answers to three important questions:

Volume – Are our marketing programs generating a sufficient number of raw leads (sometimes called inquiries or engaged contacts or responses) to produce the amount of revenue that marketing is responsible for?
Conversion – What percentage of leads are progressing or “converting” from each lead stage to the next across the entire lead-to-revenue cycle?
Velocity – How long is the overall revenue cycle? In other words, how much time does it take, on average, for an initial response or inquiry to result in a closed sales? Funnel metrics can also measure how long, on average, leads spend in each stage … Read More »