Lead Generation: The Good, The Bad, The Effective

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Did you miss the November 18th webinar, Lead Generation: The Good, The Bad, The Effective? Is so, good news: there is a recording! Check out the below video featuring speakers Matt Heinz, Jamie Shanks, and Kevin Thornton to learn all about the fundamentals of lead generation, the keys to social selling, and the need for the right sales enablement tools to put you ahead of the competition!

Business Psych: Why Studying Psychology will Make You More Business Savvy

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Business is fundamentally about transactions and transactions depend on relationships among peers, superiors, subordinates, competitors, suppliers or agents, and, most significantly, customers. Knowledge that promotes understanding in these relationships promotes the business. Psychology, which is the science of human behavior, is directly relevant to business practice because it gives the individual insight into others. Because of this, employers are now on the lookout for business men and women who have an understanding of psychology as it relates to business. Read on to get a few ideas of why this knowledge is becoming such a hot commodity, and how it could benefit you in your business endeavors.

Interpreting Body Language

Communication is a key component in business transactions, however, it involves much more than the spoken word. Facial expressions, eye movement, posture, and hand gestures speak volumes to the person who can observe … Read More »

Many B2B Salespeople End Up in the Phone Call Hall of Shame: Avoid it!

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Here’s a list of phrases that should be in the phone call hall of shame, that everyone should avoid, especially b2b salespeople.

Source: blog.thecenterforsalesstrategy.com

Don’t become a member of the Phone Call Hall of Shame! Check out these tips from thecenterforsalesstrategy.com to ensure your prospecting calls are well planned and well received. A great way to ensure your calls are well executed is by using sales automation software that includes logical branch scripting, lead scoring, and lead nurturing.

Why It’s Critical to Solve the Measurement Problem in Content Marketing

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In their November 8th podcast, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose offered several comments on my recent post – Is There a Crisis of Confidence in Content Marketing? Joe Pulizzi is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), and Robert Rose is CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer. Under Joe and Robert’s leadership, CMI produces great research regarding content marketing, and its annual conference (Content Marketing World) has become a premier content marketing event.

In their podcast, Joe and Robert say that content marketing is not facing a crisis of confidence. They acknowledge that many marketers aren’t sure that their content marketing efforts are effective, but they contend that most of the uncertainty exists because content marketing is still a relatively new practice. Joe and Robert also acknowledge that most marketers don’t have confidence in their ability to measure the effectiveness of content marketing, … Read More »

Should Marketing or Sales Take the Lead in Lead Generation?

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Today, there are two distinct, and seemingly contradictory, paradigms of B2B demand generation. Both paradigms are essentially responses to profound changes in the B2B marketing and sales environment, the most significant of which has been the emergence of empowered buyers. Business buyers now have easy access to a wealth of information, and they are using that information to perform research on their own. As a result, they are much less dependent on sellers than in the past.

One approach to dealing with empowered buyers is to expand the role of marketing in lead acquisition and lead nurturing. Proponents of this approach rely on research which indicates that today’s business buyers are educating themselves and delaying conversations with sales reps until later in the buying process. For example, SiriusDecisions says that business buyers are now performing 67% of their buying process online. … Read More »

The Secret to Getting More Sales Emails Opened

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Most emails are opened on mobile devices if they’re opened at all. Tune your message to work better with phones and tablets.

Source: www.inc.com

The next time you sit down to craft a sales email, consider what the recipient might see if he or she is reading your message on a mobile phone. Our behavior when reading an email on a smartphone is slightly different than our behavior when reading email on our PCs.

A mobile email inbox list typically shows the first ten or so words of each email. Recipients scan the email list for keywords or phrases that makes them want to open a specific email. Next time you are writing a sales email message, ensure that it has an eye-catcher in those first ten words to ensure it gets opened.

Learn to Listen — Don’t Be This Guy

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Just when I think I’ve gotten the worst possible cold prospecting call and that nothing else could be worse, some sales person proves me wrong.”

Source: partnersinexcellenceblog.com

Check out the November 8th post from the Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog, and you will see the perfect example of what not to do on a sales call.

David Brock gives readers a cringeworthy example of a cold call gone wrong. He even asks the sales person about listening to what the prospect is trying to tell him. That just results in a hang up by the cold caller!

Don’t make this mistake with your cold calling or inside sales rep training. A script is good, but listening and learning to work with what your prospect is saying is even better. A good sales call script solution will help a rep listen for objections and overcome them. … Read More »

You Can’t Have Good Marketing Without Sales (And Vice Versa)

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By Justin Gray

Honestly, the whole “sales versus marketing” thing has really gotten old. We’re all on the same side, with the same ultimate goal (revenue). So why do we make it so hard on ourselves to work together, when then end product is always so much better?

We all know the arguments. The marketing team is mad because sales doesn’t use the content they create, use the CRM/MA system correctly, maintain the database or run with the leads they generate. And of course, sales is mad at marketing because they don’t feel marketing is creating usable content, they don’t have time to create a million different kinds of emails, they don’t see how the marketing nurture process is relevant to their job, and they see marketing technology as a nuisance.

Sales, you need marketing. Marketing, you need sales. It’s that simple. Here’s … Read More »

Goodbye Forever

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Big Mistakes that Cause New Businesses to Lose Customers

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you they don’t ever want to lose a customer. Yet, new businesses make big, avoidable mistakes every day that drive away customers. While some things might be out of your control, there is plenty that a new business owner can do to prevent a customer from leaving. Here are five big mistakes to look out for in your new business, and a few tips for keeping more customers:

Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service tops almost every list of reasons customers abandon a business. Often, it’s a rude employee in the store, or a delayed reply to their problem. Automated menus on the customer service line that seem designed to make sure the customer never gets help are universally loathed. Never implement a phone menu you haven’t … Read More »

Email is Easy But Calling is Better – VanillaSoft Blog

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It’s so easy to fire off a quick sales email, and more convenient than picking up the phone. However, it may not be the best way to reach your prospect.

Source: blog.vanillasoft.com

You know how easy it is to fire off a quick email to a prospect. So easy, so quick, so convenient. Why pick up the phone when you have email, right?

Not so fast . . . . there are plenty of reasons why you need to call prospects in addition to or instead of a simple email. As Kevin Thornton points out in his most recent blog post, the typical business email user gets over 121 emails per day. Do you want to be one in 120+? Consider calls and voice mails. You may be one in ten.

Check out Kevin’s full post and see why calling can be better for … Read More »