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Mike Moorman

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Mike Moorman touches on the importance and power of sales analytics.  Big data is all around us and if we aren’t using it, then we’re letting it go to waste.  This also applies to our sales efforts.  Don’t overlook the impact analytics insights may have on your sales pipeline.

If you’re looking for additional insight into your sales process, then you should consider a lead management system like VanillaSoft.  They can help you analyze your process and identify areas for improvement.  It’s important to make sure the lead management tool you choose has some of the following features.

Call Activity Dashboard

Data Querying

Web Reporting

Lead Scoring

Don’t miss out on opportunities to increase your sales because you aren’t reviewing your analytics!

New Research Shows IT Decision Makers Rely on Inside Sellers – Selling Power Blog

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Today’s post is by Anneke Seley, coauthor of Sales 2.0 and founder and CEO of Reality Works Group, a digital/social and inside sales strategy and implementation consultancy. Contact her at aseley@realityworksgroup.com. Recently, IBM released findings from a survey of nearly 1,000 information technology (IT) decision makers in 12 countries. The research illustrates some interesting trends that support IBM’s decision to ramp up its inside sales team. Here are some highlights: 1. Inside sales is an increasingly standard way for clients to engage their vendors. More than 60 percent of clients cited an inside seller as their first point of contact….

Source: blog.sellingpower.com

In this article, Anneke Seley, discusses the importance of incorporating digital and social communication into your inside sales process.  As younger IT decision makers move into the buying process, it changes the way your inside sales team should be interacting … Read More »

Anatomy of a Social Seller Infographic from Sales for Life

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How to Use Framing to Make Marketing Content More Persuasive

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Imagine that your community is preparing for the outbreak of a serious new disease that is expected to kill 600 people if no action is taken. Officials are considering two programs to combat the disease. Suppose that the estimated results of these programs are described as follows:

If Program A is implemented, 200 people will be saved.
If Program B is implemented, there is a 1/3 probability that 600 people will be saved, and a 2/3 probability that no people will be saved.

Which of these two programs would you favor?

Now suppose that the estimated outcomes of the two programs are described as follows:

If Program C is implemented, 400 people will die.
If Program D is implemented, there is a 1/3 probability that nobody will die, and a 2/3 probability that 600 people will die.

Which of these two programs would you prefer?

If you’re like … Read More »

Why “Content Marketing” is the Wrong Thing to Measure

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Despite the widespread popularity of content marketing, research shows that most marketers aren’t confident in their ability to measure its effectiveness. For example, in a 2014 survey by Contently, only 9.4% of marketers said they are very confident in their ability to measure the business impact of content marketing.

In an earlier post, I noted that measuring the performance of content has recently become a hot topic, and I pointed to measurement frameworks suggested by Jay Baer, Curata, and Contently. I agree with many of the specific metrics that these frameworks include, but I also contend that most companies should not focus primarily on measuring the performance of content marketing per se. Here’s why.

Content marketing is a marketing method that emphasizes the use of informative or entertaining, and primarily non-promotional, content as the “fuel” for marketing communications programs. These programs are … Read More »

Overcome this Stall Tactic: “I haven’t looked at the information yet.”

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“Of all the objections sales reps get when they call a prospect back to close them, this is perhaps one of the most frustrating – and the reason is because it’s usually caused by the sales rep!

Nine times out of ten the prospect will give you the stall: “I haven’t looked at it yet…” And then the sales rep is stuck and usually ends the call trying to schedule a time to get back with them…and you can imagine how this goes.”

Source: mrinsidesales.com

If you are in sales, it’s no doubt you know what Mike Brooks is talking about in his April 6 post. You call a prospect. He requests some information via email. You set a time to call back for follow up. You ask if he has read the information or have any questions. He says “no.” Ugh! Where … Read More »

3 Techniques on Closing a Sale

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Planning how you close a sale is extremely important, but it’s not something you figure out overnight. There is no instant solution to create a good foundation and get to know your customers. Cementing the deal and growing your business might take time; however when done right, it will be worthwhile. In this article, we will talk about three techniques on closing a sale.

3 Techniques on Closing a Sale

Open the Sale

The best salespeople who close the sale are also the ones who take the time to “open” the sale properly. Asking “What’s the current situation?” and gathering input from the prospect is very important. The answers will help you know and recognize the underlying motivations for the prospect. The more you understand the situation from the prospect’s perspective, the more prepared you will be to close the sale.

Empathy should also be … Read More »

How to Develop Content “Astronomically”

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Research shows that producing enough content remains one of the greatest challenges facing B2B marketers. (B2B Content Marketing:  2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America) For the past several years, the volume of content needed to fuel effective marketing programs has been growing exponentially for four basic reasons:

The need to make content relevant for individual buyers at every stage of the buying process
The short lifespan of many content resources
The need to publish content across an increasing number of communication channels
The need to publish content on a frequent basis

To produce enough content on a timely and consistent basis, you need an approach to content development that will maximize the results you get from your content creation efforts.

An article in the latest issue of Chief Content Officer magazine by Amy Higgins, the senior content marketing manager for Concur’s North American SMB … Read More »

Why Warm Calling is Your Best Bet to Generate Leads

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When it comes to generating sales leads, cold calling has earned a deserved reputation as an unpopular option. From low response rates and high rejection numbers to annoyed potential customers and loss of trust, it’s difficult to remember the pros of cold calling. With the evolution of technology, it’s getting harder to get in contact with potential leads and easier for uninterested prospects to avoid your calls. While there are some companies that still stand behind the value of cold calling, there’s no denying the benefits of its more evolved cousin: warm calling.

What Exactly is Warm Calling?

Warm calling stems from the practice of cold calling, but instead of randomized high volume calls to generate leads warm calling focuses on contacting a potential prospect before a sales pitch is made. There are no surprises involved with warm calling. The prospect or … Read More »

Why “Easy” Content is More Persuasive

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Creating persuasive content is a perennial challenge for B2B marketers. Producing engaging content has been one of the top three challenges identified by respondents in all five of the annual B2B content marketing surveys by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

Marketers have traditionally viewed B2B purchasing as a rational process, and as a result, we tend to believe that the key to creating persuasive content is to use logical arguments that are supported by credible and convincing evidence. We now know, however, that B2B buying behavior is not completely rational and that business buyers, like all humans, rely on non-rational mental shortcuts when making decisions.

Because B2B buying isn’t totally rational, marketing content that relies only on logical arguments and credible evidence will not be as persuasive as content that also appeals to the intuitive aspects of human decision making.

Research from both psychology and behavioral economics has produced several insights that B2B … Read More »