Dynamic Call Scripts that Engage & Sell – Video

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Sales is not always an easy job. Chances are you or your sales reps will run into a call where a situation arises that leaves you uncertain how to proceed.

In addition to training and role playing, one of the best ways to handle diverse call scenarios is with a dynamic call script. Dynamic scripts, or logical branch scripting, branches out to effectively handle different call interactions to increase the possibility of a sale. Even a new rep can perform like a seasoned sales veteran in seconds with a logical branch scripting solution.

Check out VanillaSoft’s recent webinar featuring speakers Mike Halper of SalesScripter, and Kevin Thornton of VanillaSoft.

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Do You Sound Like an Inside Sales Interrogator?

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“Qualifying prospects during the initial call is one of the most important things you can do in sales, but for anyone who’s done it, you know that what’s difficult is asking a series of good questions without sounding like you’re interrogating your prospect.”

Source: mrinsidesales.com

When working to qualify prospects by phone, it can be easy to come off as an “inside sales interrogator.” In Mike Brooks’ recent post, “How to Qualify Prospects without Interrogating Them,” Mike gives us a series of steps to follow that make our dialogue with potential customers a little more conversational.

While you could attempt to commit these steps to memory or write up a script for use on paper or viewing on a word processing program, the best alternative is to use an inside sales platform that has logical branch scripting. With logical branch scripting, you can … Read More »

Why Human Psychology Remains Critical to Successful Marketing

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Three themes have dominated much of the conversation about marketing over the past few years – technology, data, and content. The explosive proliferation of marketing technologies has been frequently documented. For example, Scott Brinker’s latest graphic of the marketing technology landscape includes almost 1,000 solution providers. “Big data” has become one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing circles, and many companies are investing heavily in analytics technologies to gain the benefits that big data appears to offer.

Meanwhile, the popularity of content marketing continues to grow According to the latest content marketing survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, over 75% of companies are now using content marketing, and about 70% of marketers say they are producing more content now than they were a year ago.

Technology, data, and content are all critical components of successful marketing in a world of … Read More »

Close Those Leads Generated by Online Marketing

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Are you looking for some time-savers and easy-to-implement ideas for your social media marketing & social selling efforts? Check out my top ten list! Then read take time to learn how queue-based lead management can help you turn those leads into sales!

Source: www.jacksonmarketingservices.com In my recent top ten list on social media marketing tips, I outlined several tools that can help sales & marketing professionals increase their reach and leads through social media marketing efforts. All those tips are great and will add traffic and leads to your sales funnel. The question now is: what to do with those leads that you get through your efforts? Get them into a sales lead management platform, of course! If you follow up with leads by phone or have an inside sales or appointment setting team, you should consider a queue-based lead management … Read More »

Is Your Website Designed for Lead Generation?

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Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or someone starting out fresh, there’s one thing that every professional in the industry absolutely needs in order to succeed, and that’s an effective inbound marketing website.

The ideal site generates leads for you, converting potential customers into loyal ones who fill your coffers and help grow your business. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to put together a working inbound site, provided you follow these basic rules.

Never Abandon the Essentials

There are a small handful of features and elements that every inbound marketing website needs at its core. Before you can move on to the design — or remodeling, if you already have a site — step of site construction, you’ll need to ensure these essentials are in place.

The design must look professional, which means clean typography and high-quality imagery.
It must be powered by a CMS (content management … Read More »

Why You Need Marketing Content That Builds Certainty

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Some time ago, I published a post that explained why you need marketing content that specifically addresses the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that potential buyers inevitably experience as they move through the buying process. It’s equally important to have marketing content that’s specifically designed to foster certainty in the minds of potential buyers.

As I’m using the term, certainty refers to the subjective sense of confidence or conviction that one has about an attitude or belief. Recent research has revealed the important role that attitude certainty plays in buying decisions. A high level of certainty regarding the positive attributes of a proposed purchase will make potential buyers:

More likely to buy, more likely to buy sooner, and more willing to spend more
More likely to recommend going forward with a proposed purchase and more likely to recommend a product, service, or company to … Read More »

Optimize Lead Management: Write Down Your Step by Step Process

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Proper lead management is key, and sales CRM systems designed for the unique challenges of the inside sales industry are imperative for sales effectiveness.

Source: blog.vanillasoft.com

Check out Genie Parker’s latest post on the VanillaSoft blog. In her recent post, she defines how you can optimize your lead management process:

Define qualified leads
Develop a lead management process
Prioritize leads
Use queue-based lead automation
Nurture leads
Maximize lead management effectiveness

Why You Need Both the 4A’s and the 4P’s for Effective Marketing

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One of the most well-known concepts in marketing is the marketing mix, also known as the 4P’s of marketing. The 4P’s model of the marketing mix was introduced in the 1960’s, and it quickly became a bedrock concept of modern marketing.

Despite its popularity and longevity, the 4P’s model has been criticized for a variety of reasons. One frequent criticism is that the 4P’s focus on the selling organization rather than on the customer. This description is factually accurate, but that doesn’t mean the 4P’s model is flawed. It simply means that the 4P’s were never designed to describe what is needed to be successful from the customer’s perspective.

To understand what is required to achieve success with customers, marketers need other tools to complement the 4P’s model. One of these important complementary tools is known as the 4A model of marketing.

The … Read More »

Tune Up Your Listening Skills and Step Up Your Sales | Sales Management Digest | SellingPower.com

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“Those with the gift of gab are often drawn to the sales profession, but if they don’t unless listen, how can sales professionals understand the pain their prospects feel and the problems they face, and how they can help them?”

Source: www.sellingpower.com

It’s true that to be a good sales person, you need to be able to communicate. Many people think of communication from their own point of view: the one trying to talk about an idea he or she wants to convey. However, listening can be the most valuable skill a sales professional possesses. When we listen, we can better understand how to solve a prospect’s problems.

Guiseppe D’Angelo does a great job of explaining how you can tune up your sales game through listening skills. Here’s a quick outline of what he covers:

Getting the prospect to talk
Honing your advanced, active listening … Read More »

In Content Marketing, Substance Matters More Than Format

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Eccolo Media recently released some of the results from its latest annual B2B Technology Content Survey. The 2015 survey was fielded in October of 2014 and received more than 100 responses. Volume One of the survey report focuses on what types of content formats B2B technology buyers find most helpful in each phase of the buying process. Eccolo Media identifies four buying process stages:

Pre-Sales Phase – the potential buyer is unaware of the problem
Initial Sales Phase – the potential buyer is seeking to understand the problem
Mid-Sales Phase – the potential buyer is identifying possible solutions and evaluating potential vendors
Final Sales Phase – the potential buyer is finalizing vendor selection and purchasing a solution

Respondents to the survey rated the helpfulness of ten types of content during each phase of the buying process. The two types of content rated most helpful for … Read More »