Crafting Your B2B Telemarketing Campaign

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Often times, poorly planned B2B telemarketing initiatives lead to mixed results leaving some people to believe that telemarketing is dead. Not true!

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If you are a B2B sales & marketing professional, you are likely leveraging a variety of online methods for reaching your prospects, conducting market research, taking orders, etc. There are webinars, websites, social media, forums, etc., etc.,  

What about telemarketing? Are you taking advantage of the benefits a well-planned telemarketing campaign can bring? Check out these tips from Kevin Thornton and, of course, start your VanillaSoft free trial to get your telemarketing success started!

Have a Telemarketing Plan for a Successful Campaign

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Telemarketing affords a business the chance to communicate directly with the customers, which is extremely valuable.

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According to Kevin Thornton, EVP of sales and marketing at VanillaSoft, the reason people think telemarketing is dead is simply because of poorly planned initiatives.

Perceptions of telemarketing can change, and outbound calls can still be extremely effective as a sales strategy when managed properly.

Telemarketing, like any form of marketing, has to deal with the ever-shrinking attention span of consumers. How marketers reach the customers makes a difference. It all comes down to defining your objective, setting goals, creating a script, and so on.

Try This Simple Trick to Double Your Sales

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All it takes to write a compelling sales messages is this absurdly easy mental trick.

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Want an easy trick to help you increase your sales? Try Geoffrey James advice: imagine yourself as a happy customer explaining to a 12-year old exactly why you are happy. Sounds simple, right? 

Often times, we focus our inside sales call script on product features or provide only vague benefits with no hard data to back them up. Maybe it’s riddled with what James labels “biz-blab.”

Take time to think about that 12-year old then write a call script that could effectively explain to that kid why a customer would be happy with your product.  You might just surprise yourself with a great new sales message.

How To Make Product Knowledge Training Effective

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When a sales organization has an opportunity to get their salesforce together in one place, they desperately want to give them product knowledge. This is a very good idea, but it is often executed …

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Are you focusing too much on the product in your product training? The Sales Blog has a great take on product training that can and should translate into inside sales script creation as well. Don’t leave out the important issues of recognizing/defining customer problems and how your offering can address needs.

What’s On Your “To Don’t” List?

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This week I read a post on SellingPower.com about the importance of a “to don’t” list. That got me to thinking about creating a list of “to don’ts” that inside sales professionals should use.  Here…

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Do you have a To Don’t List? It’s a great way to assess your sales habits and processes to ensure you are focusing on the right things.

For Better Marketing Decisions, Think Incrementally

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Measuring marketing return on investment (MROI) has become increasingly popular, as marketers face growing pressures to demonstrate the value of their activities and programs. Marketers are calculating and using MROI for a variety of reasons, including:

To measure the effectiveness of individual marketing campaigns or programs
To demonstrate and prove the value that marketing contributes to the company
To justify and/or defend marketing budget levels

All of these reasons are valid, but the most important reason to use MROI is to improve the quality of marketing decisions. No single performance metric, including MROI, provides all of the information that marketers need for most significant decisions. However, because MROI is a ratio that compares economic returns with required investments, it has a unique ability to help marketers:

Determine whether a particular marketing program or mix of programs should be undertaken
Compare the projected and/or actual results of … Read More »

Why Selling Is More Difficult Now

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Are you This ain’t your daddy’s sale game. And it wasn’t easy for him. It’s more difficult to command time. It’s more difficult than ever to gain an appointment with your dream client. They’re busier than …

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How are you dealing with the difficulty of selling in the Internet era? With so many things competing for your prospects’ attention and time, it can be tough.  Check out Anthony Iannarino’s advice. What would you add?

5 Ways to Use Vine to Nurture More Leads

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As seen in this telltale graphic from Statista, Vine was the fastest growing app in 2013 – and galaxies ahead of the rest.  Despite the fact that this stat is from 2013, Vine is still very much a platform full of creative and brand marketing possibilities.  Your six-second video is only limited by your imagination and innovation.  The bolder and more colorful your message, the larger your audience will be.

But still, there has to be some method to video marketing masterpieces besides creative visual stimulation.  There has to be a coherent message in there somewhere, or brands wouldn’t be using them to expand their audience and increase conversions.  So how do you go about using a Vine clip to get leads?

1. Create the Video With Your Friends in Mind

As with any marketing strategy, campaign or approach, it should set off … Read More »

Rebellious Buyers: Selling to People that Don’t Want to be Sold | Smart Selling Tools

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Let’s be real. No one likes to be sold. Today’s buyers are no different in that regard but there is one difference; they’re more rebellious than ever

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Nancy Nardin has a great take on buyer rebellion, likening it to the Renaissance.  Just like the invention of movable type help spread information then, the Internet spreads even more information now to buyers. Nancy points out how buyer rebellion corresponds to the Renaissance:

  • A rebellion against the reliance on salespeople for information
  • A Movement toward realism (art is in the eye of the buyer) 
  • An increased reliance on observation and empirical data. 
  • A mindfulness of non-product related factors on decision-making

How are you dealing with buyer rebellion? What do you do when a buyer doesn’t want to meet, return calls, respond to emails?

Targeted Social Selling: How to Tailor Conversations to Buyer Personas

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When combined with outbound prospecting, social selling can be a very powerful selling method. However, don’t be fooled by the phrase “social selling.” It is not a vehicle to broadcast your sales

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Social selling is an excellent way to spark conversations and warm up cold calls before you pick up the phone. Megan Toohey presents some great pointers for how to tailor conversations to buyer personas:

  • Know the best platforms for your personas
  • Segment lists
  • Engage buyer personas with targeted conversations
  • Track and monitor social selling ROI
  • Pick up the phone

Read the post to learn the specifics that go with each point!