How to Develop Content “Astronomically”

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Research shows that producing enough content remains one of the greatest challenges facing B2B marketers. (B2B Content Marketing:  2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America) For the past several years, the volume of content needed to fuel effective marketing programs has been growing exponentially for four basic reasons:

The need to make content relevant for individual buyers at every stage of the buying process
The short lifespan of many content resources
The need to publish content across an increasing number of communication channels
The need to publish content on a frequent basis

To produce enough content on a timely and consistent basis, you need an approach to content development that will maximize the results you get from your content creation efforts.

An article in the latest issue of Chief Content Officer magazine by Amy Higgins, the senior content marketing manager for Concur’s North American SMB … Read More »

Why Warm Calling is Your Best Bet to Generate Leads

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When it comes to generating sales leads, cold calling has earned a deserved reputation as an unpopular option. From low response rates and high rejection numbers to annoyed potential customers and loss of trust, it’s difficult to remember the pros of cold calling. With the evolution of technology, it’s getting harder to get in contact with potential leads and easier for uninterested prospects to avoid your calls. While there are some companies that still stand behind the value of cold calling, there’s no denying the benefits of its more evolved cousin: warm calling.

What Exactly is Warm Calling?

Warm calling stems from the practice of cold calling, but instead of randomized high volume calls to generate leads warm calling focuses on contacting a potential prospect before a sales pitch is made. There are no surprises involved with warm calling. The prospect or … Read More »

Why “Easy” Content is More Persuasive

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Creating persuasive content is a perennial challenge for B2B marketers. Producing engaging content has been one of the top three challenges identified by respondents in all five of the annual B2B content marketing surveys by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

Marketers have traditionally viewed B2B purchasing as a rational process, and as a result, we tend to believe that the key to creating persuasive content is to use logical arguments that are supported by credible and convincing evidence. We now know, however, that B2B buying behavior is not completely rational and that business buyers, like all humans, rely on non-rational mental shortcuts when making decisions.

Because B2B buying isn’t totally rational, marketing content that relies only on logical arguments and credible evidence will not be as persuasive as content that also appeals to the intuitive aspects of human decision making.

Research from both psychology and behavioral economics has produced several insights that B2B … Read More »

Step Up Your Appointment Setting Efforts

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Check out these three key focus areas for appointment setting greatness: people, timing, and tools.

Source: blog.vanillasoft.com

In his recent post, Kevin Thornton boils down the wisdom on over 3.5 million Google results into three key focus areas for appointment setting greatness.

Kevin advises that appointment setters consider 1) people, 2) timing, and 3) tools to improve appointment setting and cold calling efforts. Here’s an overview of each section:

People — keep in mind the following stakeholders and constituents that can have a positive impact on your ability to set an appointment:


In the area of timing, use common sense to determine the best calling times to reach decision makers:

Immediacy with follow up on inbound leads
Off hours to reach decision makers
Time zones
Trigger events

Finally, Kevin, points out that the right appointment setting platform can tie it all together and help you reach the right people at … Read More »

Cold Calling Advice from RAIN Group: Get Cold Prospects to Talk to You

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How do you get cold prospects to talk to you? Erica Stritch presents 3 easy tips.

Source: www.rainsalestraining.com

Cold calling/cold prospecting really can be one of the hardest aspects of selling. As Erica Stritch points out in her post, decision makers are more insulated than ever, and it’s tougher to get past gatekeepers. Sometimes, though, you do get lucky. You get a chance to connect with that cold prospect. Now what?

Stritch points out three great tips to shift from “go away” to “tell me more” —

Be relevant — do your research and make sure your pitch makes sense to the person/organization you are calling.
Be valuable — sure, your product might be valuable to the prospect; however, the prospect doesn’t know that yet. Droning on with features or capabilities won’t be convincing. Offer value during the course of the conversation by sharing best … Read More »

A Sobering View on Content Marketing Effectiveness

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The number of digital marketing channels has grown at an exponential rate, and digital platforms have made it easy for marketers to broadly distribute content. In response, many marketers have adopted a “more is better” approach, publishing more content across more channels in the hope of generating more impact. The more is better strategy is not working. The volume of content produced by companies has increased dramatically, but most content is failing to make an impact.

That is one of the central themes of a new research report (The Content Marketing Paradox:  Is More Content Really Better?) published by TrackMaven. While I don’t agree with all of the conclusions in the report, this research raises several significant issues, and it should be a wake-up call for content marketers.

TrackMaven is a provider of content analytics software. Throughout 2013 and 2014, TrackMaven used … Read More »

AA-ISP Webinar: 4 Ways Queue-based Lead Management is Shaping Inside Sales

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Check out this video recording of the recent AA-ISP webinar on the topic of queue-based lead management and how it’s shaping inside sales.

Put An End to: “I’m Not Interested”

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“Whenever I conduct a live workshop or online training, invariably someone asks the question: “What should I say when the prospect says, ‘I’m not interested?’”

My response invariably is: ‘It’s probably too late.’”

Source: coldcallingresults.com

Do you treat “I’m not interested” as a cold calling objection? If so, as Wendy Weiss points out, you have either:

called the wrong person — not the decision maker; or
said nothing that is interesting to the prospect

Your job as sales rep is to ensure you are speaking to the right person with the right message. However, that’s not always easy, is it? A queue-based lead management system can help you improve your call productivity and success:

Call the next-best lead thanks to management customized workflows and lead scoring
Call the lead at the right time
Call with the right message with logical branch scripting

What’s your strategy for avoiding or overcoming “I’m … Read More »

Why You Need Marketing Content for Two Ways of Thinking

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This is the second of several posts about the role of behavioral economics in marketing, particularly in content marketing. In my first post, I introduced the topic of behavioral economics and argued that it’s critical for marketers to understand the psychological aspects of human decision making and to incorporate those factors into marketing strategy and marketing communications.

Behavioral economics challenges a fundamental assumption of mainstream economics. For decades, economists have assumed that people make economic decisions rationally. The traditional view says that people weigh the economic costs and benefits of proposed actions, have relatively stable preferences, and usually act to maximize their economic self interest. Behavioral economics holds that people don’t always make rational economic choices because they unconsciously use heuristics (mental shortcuts) that produce several cognitive biases.

In his landmark book Thinking, Fast and Slow, psychologist Daniel Kahneman – whose research with … Read More »

How to Create Dynamic Scripts That Engage and Sell! – Part II

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Part I of this webinar series covered the fundamentals of writing an effective dynamic script, why messaging is key to sales success, and how to implement a dynamic script with sales automation. Due to all of the questions and the overwhelming demand for more information, we decided to schedule a Part II and take the conversation from theoretical to practical. Instead of just telling you the WHAT and WHY, we are going to show you HOW in a live demo.

In this webinar, we will show you:

How to build a dynamic script
How to integrate your dynamic script into a sales automation tool
How sales automation creates a more fluid sales experience

Sign up today and reserve your spot to see SalesScripter’s and VanillaSoft’s scripting software in action. If you missed Part I, check it out here.

Need a logical branch scripting solution for your … Read More »