In Sales – Say This NOT That

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InWhich words or phrases drive YOU crazy in sales? In Sales Say This not That and get better results

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Inside Sales can be a tough business.  However, if your sales reps know the right things to say, then it can make the process easier.  Lori Richardson shares what sales people should say vs what they should not say in order to be successful.

Sometimes we think the things we are saying on sales calls are the right things to say, but we discover that we aren’t closing deals like we’d hoped.  Luckily, there are tweaks you can make to your sales script to be more effective.

It’s important to have lead management software that provides sales scripting to help keep your reps on track and say the right things.  Using a sales script doesn’t mean your reps have to read it word … Read More »

Is Predictive Lead Scoring the Next Big B2B Marketing Technology?

The pace of innovation in marketing technology over the past decade has been nothing short of breathtaking. In the B2B marketing space, one of the hot new technologies is predictive lead scoring. There’s no doubt that predictive lead scoring is still in its infancy, but it’s beginning to gain some traction in the market. Last fall, SiriusDecisions published a report that provides valuable perspectives on the current state of the predictive lead scoring market. According to SiriusDecisions:

Fewer than 500 B2B companies are currently using predictive lead scoring. But. . .
The market is growing rapidly. In 2014, there were nearly 14 times more B2B companies using predictive lead scoring than there were in early 2011.
78% of the companies using predictive lead scoring are in the high tech industry.
Over half (56%) of current users have annual revenues of $50 million or less.
Nine … Read More »

Business 101: How to Boost your Company Sales and Profits

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One of the most basic goals of a business is to generate profits. You may feel that your products and services have undergone so much revision that sales should be skyrocketing. However, quality goods are not the only ingredient you need for success in terms of sales and profits.

Handle Reputation Management Issues
No matter how much time and effort you put into your products and services, achieving 100 percent satisfaction with every single customer is a difficult task. As thus, it’s possible that you’ll find entirely negative reviews or neutral reviews sprinkled with a few complaints on the internet. You cannot simply eradicate other people’s opinions of your company, but you can respond to them and address their concerns. Simply showing that you are sorry for inconveniences and that you are cognizant of customer concerns can encourage potential clients to seek … Read More »

Seven Questions Your Content Marketing Strategy Must Answer

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It’s now abundantly clear that content marketing has become an integral part of the marketing efforts of most B2B companies. Recent research by several organizations has shown that an overwhelming majority of B2B companies are using content marketing in some form. But despite this widespread use, many B2B marketers aren’t particularly happy with their content marketing program. In the latest B2B content marketing survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, only 38% of respondents rated their content marketing efforts as effective.

Research has also shown that having (and following) a content marketing strategy is critical to success. In the 2015 CMI/MarketingProfs survey:

Only 35% of respondents said they have a documented (written) content marketing strategy, while another 48% said they have a strategy, but it’s not in writing.
60% of respondents with a documented strategy said their company is effective at content … Read More »

5 Important Procedures For Hosting a Successful Business Convention

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Hosting a business conference takes a great deal of planning and preparation. In order to ensure the event is successful, you have to consider many factors, such as where to hold the conference, who to invite, how much to charge and how to publicize it. The following are five of the most crucial points to keep in mind when planning a business conference.

Plan Your Budget

You will need to come up with a realistic budget for the conference. This includes paying for the venue, any equipment you will need, marketing costs and any other expenses that may be involved. You will hopefully recoup these expenses and earn a profit, but you may still need to lay out money up front.

Find Engaging Speakers

The right speakers are crucial for a successful business conference. Finding someone who is well known in your industry will … Read More »

Why Customer Success Content is Critical

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In an earlier post, I explained why most B2B companies need to focus more attention on strengthening relationships with existing customers, and I suggested that marketing should play a leading role in these efforts.

The primary objective of marketing to existing customers is to retain and, where possible, expand the business you do with profitable customers. The most effective way to achieve this goal is to help your customers successfully implement and use your solutions. Therefore, most of your communications with customers should be focused on providing information and insights that will help them maximize the value they obtain from your solutions and from their relationship with your company.

Many marketing thought leaders are beginning to call this kind of content customer success content, and it plays a vital role in the emerging discipline of customer success management.

In a recent white paper, … Read More »

What You Shouldn’t Expect When You Leave a Voicemail | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

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I have been looking at 5 ways voicemail can work for prospecting. You can check out the first 3 ways here, here and here. Now we come to #4: Don’t expect your single voicemail message to be returned. That’s right! Your single voicemail won’t be returned! Instead, view your message as one of a series of messages you’ll be using to reach your prospect across different mediums. This is where most sales prospecting efforts fall apart. A salesperson makes a single call, and because it’s not returned,

Source: thesaleshunter.com

Mark Hunter hits on some important things to remember when making inside sales calls.  A lot of salespeople give up after they leave a voicemail because they didn’t get a call back.  It can take several touches before a prospect is ready to buy.

Don’t focus just on leaving voicemails.  It is important to make … Read More »

The Four Components of Every Successful Remarketing Campaign

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Remarketing incorporates results-oriented measures to boost the number of qualified leads and resulting sales. Utilizing tactics to increase traffic, gather qualified leads and encourage conversion increases sales in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. These four remarketing strategies address the needs of each lead to incur continuous, positive changes in sales.


Each lead will experience the journey from prospect to customer in a unique way. One way to ensure that you are meeting leads’ needs at each specific point in their journey is to place them into the most appropriate segment. Instead of grouping leads into a few broad stages, instead create distinct funnels for various aspects of your company’s process. This increased segmentation will allow for individualized creative to be displayed to the appropriate lead. Creating specific segments not only helps sales teams better understand how to direct their efforts, but … Read More »

Trust Leads to Sales… But What Leads to Trust?

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Deb Calvert talks about the importance of trust in the sales cycle.  Trust is an important aspect of any type of relationship and the sales process is no exception.  She talks about the 12 dimensions of trust and how they play a pivotal part in building relationships with potential prospects.

A few of the trust dimensions stuck out to me, which I’ve listed below.  If your sales team uses lead management software like VanillaSoft, then it can aid in the trust building process.

Consistency – Logical branch scripting will help your sales team be consistent with the messaging of the company.  It’s important to make sure everyone is conveying the same message.

Decision Making – Email drip campaigns can help put important information in the hands of your potential buyers to help them in the decision making process.

Follow-Through – Appointment setting features … Read More »

New Research on Website Content and Social Media Impact

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Earlier this year, Huff Industrial Marketing, KoMarketing, and BuyerZone published their 2015 B2B Web Usability Report. The report is based on a survey of business leaders that generated 262 responses. So, while this wasn’t a particularly large survey, several of the findings deal with issues that are important for B2B marketers.

Remember the Basics

The first important takeaway from this research is that companies should keep the basics in mind when designing their website and developing website content. When survey participants were asked what kinds of information they want to see on a website home page, the top three responses were:

Product and service information (86% of respondents)
Contact information (64%)
About us/company information (52%)

Survey respondents were particularly concerned about the availability of thorough contact information – a telephone number, an e-mail address, and a mailing address. For example, when survey participants were asked … Read More »