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Are you haunted by your current lead management software? Then it’s time to take your VanillaSoft free trial! VanillaSoft has

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Check out this frightful list of lead management software monsters! Does your current solution fall into creepy categories? If so, it’s time to think about a queue-based lead management solution!

Try This: This 30-Minute Exercise Doubles Sales

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Creating a shorter sales message increases your sales pipeline and makes opportunities easier to close.

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When you master the art of a great sales email, you can double your sales according to Geoffrey James’ latest post on Inc.com. He identifies three things a “killer sales message” should accomplish:

Causes a potential customer to respond to your email
Gets the potential customer to self-qualify themselves as a sales lead
Opens a dialog that leads to a sales opportunity

Do your email marketing and email drip campaigns accomplish these three things?

Is There a Crisis of Confidence in Content Marketing?

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There’s no longer any doubt that content marketing is playing a central role in the marketing efforts of most B2B companies. The annual content marketing surveys by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs have consistently shown that about nine out of ten B2B companies are using content marketing in some form.

Research also shows that the use of content marketing is continuing to grow.

In the 2015 “B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America” survey by CMI and MarketingProfs (the “2015 CMI survey”), 70% of respondents said they are producing more content than they did one year earlier, and 55% said they planned to increase their content marketing spending.
In the “2014 BtoB Outlook:  Marketing Priorities and Plans” study by Advertising Age, 75% of surveyed marketers said they planned to increase their content budget in 2014, and only 1.3% said … Read More »

Facing Fear When Selling? Check Out These 5 Tips

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Fear is one of the most debilitating emotions a human being can experience. It can stop you emotionally and physically from carrying out even mundane tasks

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If you have been in sales for a long time, maybe you don’t experience fear anymore while doing your job. For the new sales reps and entrepreneurs out there, selling may still be a fear-inducing activity.

Sean McPheat of MTD Sales Training outlines 5 steps to overcoming fear when selling:

Think through “worst-case scenarios”
Be realistic — fears are often worse than the reality.
Don’t try to be perfect
Go back to the basics
Reward yourself after facing a dreaded call or meeting

Check out Sean’s full post at http://www.mtdsalestraining.com/mtdblog/5-essential-steps-eliminate-fear.html

How do you face your selling fears? 

Do You Suffer from the “3 Signs Of Bad Phone Breath”?

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The last thing you want to do on a cold call is stink the other person out, practice good phone hygiene using the following things.

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Tibor Shanto has some great advice for those with “bad phone breath.” “What is ‘bad phone breath’?” you may ask. It’s when you “stink a call out” with the wrong cold calling approach.

Shanto covers three areas we need to work on to make better sales calls:

Speaking TO people, not AT them 
Being too soft — confidence counts
Sending the signal on voice mails that it’s OK to not call you back

Check out the full post to help get rid of bad phone breath!

The Sound of Your Phone Not Ringing

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That silence you hear is the sound of your phone not ringing. Maybe you don’t want to pick up the phone and make your calls. Maybe you think you should have enough inbound to keep you busy. Maybe y…

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If your phone isn’t ringing, maybe it’s time you start selling. Sitting back and waiting for prospects to call you, waiting for marketing to craft the perfect lead generation campaign, waiting for the product team to create the perfect design . . . none of that stuff is helping you make sales right now.

Don’t sit back and wait for sales to happen. It’s time to make cold calls, start prospecting. Check out Anthony Iannarino’s post to motivate you to get selling!

How to Align Your Company’s Sales and Marketing Efforts in Eight Steps

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Sales – By nurturing appreciation for and creating expectations of each function’s role, an organization can evolve into an aligned sales and marketing model.

Source: www.marketingprofs.com

One area that B2B sales & marketing departments have to monitor is sales & marketing alignment. When the sales team is at odds with the marketing group, the you have a problem.

Both sides need to understand each other’s goals, share definitions of qualified leads and sales-ready leads, and each needs their own software to help them move the lead generation and sales process forward. Your marketing team will benefit from marketing automation tools, and your sales team will thrive with a queue-based lead management solution.

Why My LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Good Enough

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My LinkedIn profile isn’t working for me anymore. It’s time for action! Read more to find out the 5 steps I’m going to take to improve it.

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Even sales experts sometimes have a little work to do on their LinkedIn profiles! Jill Konrath shares with us some of her needed changes on her LinkedIn profile and provides tips for upgrading your own.

If you want to leverage LinkedIn for building your networking and creating relationships that can lead to sales, check out Jill’s post!

The Business Case for Interactive Content Marketing

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It’s now clear that content marketing has become a core marketing strategy for most B2B companies, and the use of content marketing is continuing to grow. Findings from the latest annual content marketing survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs reveal both the pervasiveness and expansion of content marketing.

86% of survey respondents said their companies are using content marketing.
70% of respondents said they are producing more content than they did one year ago.
55% of respondents said they plan to increase or significantly increase their content marketing spending.

When it’s done correctly, content marketing is the most effective way to create meaningful engagement with today’s empowered and independent buyers. However, I suggest that we are beginning to see signs of content fatigue. The irony is that the growing popularity of content marketing is contributing to content fatigue and creating a new … Read More »

The Best Sales Pitches Don’t Try To Sell

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The sales pitches that result in the most sales in the least amount of time are the ones that don’t try to sell anything to anyone.

Source: www.inc.com

When assessing your prospecting emails and scripts, take a minute to figure out whether or not your pitch is trying to “sell something.” If it is, the likelihood of progressing is low according to Geoffrey James.

James states that the most effective pitches aren’t about “talking someone into buying or doing something.” Rather they are about creating connections and starting conversations that move people along the road to potentially buying what you offer. The aim of your pitch should be to open a dialogue — not immediately push someone to buy something.

What do you think? What are the most effective ways to pitch?