Find Zen in Your Next Sales Training

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Whether you are a manager in charge of a sales team or a human resources professional tasked with development and training, you understandably need to find a way to make your next sales negotiation training sessions effective. The sales team is generally viewed as the lifeblood of an organization. An effective sales team will drive profits for the company, and because of this, the team must be well-trained. Continuing development of the team is an effective way to keep the team fresh, motivated and invigorated, but a dull, lifeless meeting can have the opposite effect. When you are planning the perfect training session for your team, consider structuring your session with these elements.

Provide Refreshments and Snacks

The last thing you want is for your sale staff to dread sales training sessions. These sessions should be as fun and … Read More »

If You Think Sales is a Numbers Game – You’re Wrong

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What if we could generate more sales with fewer prospects?

Source: www.jillkonrath.com

Sales not a numbers game?


Maybe a few heads have exploded with that thought. However, Jill Konrath brings up a great point that less prospects give you more time to build meaningful relationships that can lead to better sales (bigger deals, higher closure rates, etc.). You have to be strategic with the “less prospects” approach, of course. They have to be the right prospects who are ready to buy. 


A queue-based lead management solution can help you connect with the right prospects at the right time while nurturing those who may not be ready to buy/ready to sell.


What do you think? Could you see yourself gaining more sales with fewer prospects?

Why Expert Content Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Mix

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About a year ago, I started to rethink my views regarding the role and value of #third-party content in the marketing efforts of B2B companies. I had always believed that most of the marketing content used by a company should be developed internally or with the help of outside professional content developers. In either case, the “authorship” of the content is attributed to the company or to a company executive or internal subject matter expert. With third-party content, an external person or firm creates the content and is identified as the author.

My preference for “vendor-branded” content was based on the idea that a primary objective of #content marketing is to communicate your company’s expertise to potential buyers and thus cause those buyers to view your company as a trusted resource for valuable insights and as a capable business partner. Logically, … Read More »

7 Ways to Nudge a Potential Customer

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When you haven’t heard from a new prospect for a while, don’t assume that the deal is dead. Try these instead.

Source: www.inc.com

Geoffrey James provides some great ideas to help you nudge a prospect that has gone silent. Take a look at his suggestions? What would you add to the list? 

Another great idea is setting up an email drip lead nurturing program to keep in touch with prospects when you have a long sales cycle or when the prospect isn’t yet ready to buy.

How to Use SlideShare for Marketing and Generating Leads

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A simple guide on how to use SlideShare for marketing to increase the reach of your business and also generate leads. Get started now!

Source: smallbiztrends.com

SlideShare is a great site for reaching out to potential customers. You can share slide decks, of course, but you there are options to share white papers, infographics, and even video.

Are you taking advantage of SlideShare in your lead generation activities?

Can You Trust Affiliate Marketing? 5 Things You Need to Know

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There is a high level of debate in the Internet marketing community about whether or not affiliate marketing is a trusted way to earn a decent income. Opponents feel that it is a waste of time to sell other people’s products because the marketers have little control over how they can spread the word. Some have even gone as far as to say that this type of marketing is a scam, arguing that many walk away with very little money. Some will even point out that there are merchants who fail to even pay their marketers at all, and the shipping system that some of these merchants implement is complicated to use, causing severe frustration. What opponents fail to realize is that there is good money to be made, and success does not come overnight. Like anything else in life, … Read More »

3 Maxims of a Standout Company Blog

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You’ve just been tasked with generating new and engaging content that will lure prospective customers to your company. What do you do now?

First, it’s important that you take a look around and know where you stand. The present state of B2B content marketing is like a digitized Tower of Babel, an endless barrage of thinly-disguised self-promotion, click-bait, and regurgitated codification posing as “thought leadership.”

It’s a good time to start establishing your company’s blog as something different. Prospective customers are becoming savvier, more discerning, and less forgiving towards online content that wastes their time and is devoid of value. And the  longer this cacophonous torrent goes on around them, the better-served you will be by maintaining an interesting, original voice and building a reputation as a trusted source of insight.

Drilling it down, you need content that is interesting, original, and credible. … Read More »

5 Ways to Boost Inside Sales Training Reinforcement

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The best way to keep your inside sales training momentum going is to start reinforcing the training immediately.

Source: www.agsalesworks.com

Check out these five tips for boosting inside sales training reinforcement. 

Avoid These 12 Negotiation “No-Nos” Like the Plague

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Negotiating is a natural and common part of business. While the word, “negotiation” can bring a sweat under the collar to some, it is still quite simply a process used to reach an agreement or deal. Even though the concept is simple, the broad margin is still there for making all sorts of mistakes. If you’ve never had proper negotiation training and you’re feeling a bit uneasy about a looming negotiations deal in the future, you can use this list of the 12 most common negotiation mistakes to your advantage.

1. Believing You Have Total Control

Even if you’re fully confident in your offer in the negotiation, you still can’t afford to forget that you do not have control over the other party. The best you can do is get a feel of where the other party’s motives lie, what their … Read More »

5 Classic Sales Blunders and What I Learned From Them

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What important is not whether you make mistakes (we all do that) but what you learn from the experience.

Source: www.inc.com

These are some common blunders that sales professionals have made during the course of their careers, and Geoffrey James takes a little time to impart some wisdom he gained when making them.

Have you ever made a blunder when trying to make a sale? What did you learn from the experience to make you a better sales person?